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          Project: 370 ESSEX

          Location: Lawrence, MA

          Project Type: Multi-Residential / Mixed Use

          Owner: GLCAC Inc

          Architect: Davis Square Architects

          Brought into this project from the early stages, Aberthaw has worked closely with the development team to provide insight and direction during the Pre-Construction of this; Mixed Use, Adaptive Reuse / Out of the Ground project. Now in the construction phase, the original structure is from the early 20th century, this and the adjoining vacant lot will provide 39 units of low income-housing and 8,400 sqft of retail space. GLCAC purchased the two lots from the city with a goal to expand its services into providing low-income housing. Working with DHCD and other tax credit financing and with Aberthaw providing Pre-Construction and construction services. This project is one of many that Aberthaw is working with GLCAC in the Pre-Con / Development stages.


          370 essex rendering.jpg