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          Project: One North Boston 

          Location: Chelsea, MA

          Project Type: Multi-Residential Amenity Refit 

          Owner: Red Gate RE

          Architect: Stantec

          Originally built in 2014, ownership decided that some of the amenity spaces within the 452 unit, two building complex were in need of updating. Broken into 2 phases, Aberthaw has now completed the first phase in building one. This project included the reworking of the media and activity space into an open space with an option of separation with the addition of an glass overhead door. Two areas of the main lobby was reworked and defined to provide a better lounge spaces.  Also space was refitted to provide 3 individual focus spaces for residents use.

          one north lobby 1.jpg
          one north lobby 2.jpg
          one north lobby 4.jpg
          one north lobby 3.jpg